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Child Custody and Support

Child custody cases can be physically and emotionally taxing not only on the parents but on the children involved. Determining custody is often one of the many steps in the divorce process which is already difficult in and of itself. As one of the best child custody lawyers in Beaumont, we can make that process a little easier for all parties involved.

Protecting You and Your Child’s Interest

In some cases, determining custody may be a complex situation. According to Texas law relating to child custody, children below the age of 18 or any children who have a physical or mental handicap must be under the care of a parent or guardian.

Paternity Testing

It’s not uncommon to request paternity tests if the child is in question. We can help you navigate these complexities to land on a favorable outcome that’s best for both parties involved.

Child Support

Child support falls under the child custody umbrella as a form of financial support to a receiving party who cannot earn sufficient income or does not have the proper funds to support themselves and their child/children. The state of Texas sets certain guidelines when determining what types of child support can be requested. Some include special school arrangements, various medical support, and counseling among other related forms of support.

In all cases, our firm puts the interest of the child first. Whether it be sole, split, or joint custody arrangements, we seek what’s best for the child within the parameters all parties are comfortable with.

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