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Post Divorce

Often, once a divorce is final, it’s only natural to think that all parties will uphold their end of the deal. However, in some cases, this is simply not the case. Our attorneys help Beaumont, TX residents through various issues that may come up after the final divorce proceedings.

Upholding Child Support, Alimony, Child Custody, & Visitation Agreements

In Texas, if a spouse doesn’t comply with the child support, alimony, child custody, or visitation arrangements, there could be serious consequences. Penalties for not complying with alimony or child support can result in wage garnishments, liens, and even interest owed on unpaid support. If a former spouse fails to comply with child custody arrangements, often that will require an enforcement hearing but both parties may come to a mutual arrangement to avoid this step in the process.

Adjusting Child Support, Alimony, Child Custody, & Visitation Agreements

In some cases, a spouse’s situation may change where they are unable to uphold the original agreement in which amendments may need to be made. Some examples of reasons that this can occur are job loss, decrease in income, disability, illness, retirement, or a change in time that can be spent with the child. Our expert law attorneys are fit to explore all options that will allow the former spouse to comply with court orders given their change in circumstances.

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